Preparation of Dairy Cows for Transport

The end of another season is approaching and with that comes the movement of cows. MPI have informed us that they have been seeing a significant number of down cows arriving at meat processing plants. This article has some useful information to help you prepare cattle for transport to ensure that their welfare is protected. This is particularly important for lactating cows. Contact Dairy Vet Services if you need further advice.

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A New Product for Drenching Young Cattle

DECTOMAX V® combines the trusted performance of doramectin with the added strength of levamisole to provide unsurpassed efficacy against key parasites, including those often resistant to other parasiticide products

By Amelia Cannadine (2023 DVM4 student) for Dairy Veterinary Services
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Collar Protocol

With the rise in popularity of cow health monitoring devices, we have put together a protocol for assessing animals that trigger and animal health alert with the Allflex collars system.

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Youngstock Focus: New Drench Products

Well most of you are done with the first 3 weeks of mating, which seems for most to have gone exceptionally well this year! If you have not quite reached 90% of you herd submitted now is the time to weigh up the options you have to get cows mated ASAP. Please give us a call if you would like to talk it through.

Calves are now at various stages of weaning. Dairy NZ have some good resources on when to wean: the take homes for me are weigh your calves and measure how much they are eating (no guesswork!). Remember we have technicians, weigh platforms and wand on standby to give you a hand!

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Calf Series: Colostrum

Now is the time to organise your rotavirus vaccine. It must be remembered this is PART of the process of great calf rearing management. The vaccine works by increasing the amount of antibodies in the cow’s colostrum to rotavirus, coronavirus and E-coli.

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General Scours Treatment

Calf Scours

All scouring calves will need milk and electrolytes. Calves can die if given only electrolytes and not fed milk due to a lack of energy. They will definitely die, if not given fluids and electrolytes.

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